Stress and Chocolate

Hello sunshines! Is everyone looking forward to their weekend? I sure am! :-D This week has been insanely stressful and busy at work and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and not feel like I’m already running 20 minutes behind!

Today, an old friend offered to take me out to lunch. Not being one to turn down free food, of course I accepted! I tried ordering a salmon burger, but they were all out. :-( So instead, I went with a veggie burger and fries. I ate half, and saved the rest for dinner:

The baking bug bit me tonight, and I knew exactly what I wanted to try. A few weeks ago, I saw a recipe for White Chocolate Mocha Cookies from Jessica. I had exactly the one cup of white chocolate chips that the recipe called for and happened to have cocoa powder in the house! I only had Starbucks instant coffee packs and just used one, which was about half of what the recipe called for.

The recipe made 8 jumbo cookies and 20 mini ones. I think I’ll bring the mini ones in for my coworkers on Monday, but since that’s three days away, I won’t make any guarantees that I won’t eat them first! ;-)

One of the jumbo ones:

I enjoyed this while making some progress in rereading Eclipse in preparation of the movie coming out soon! These cookies came out so moist and fudgy!

I was making good progress in the book until this guy felt like it was more important to get his ears scratched than for me to read about Edward’s dreamy eyes.

The Stress Discussion:

Like I mentioned, this past week has been filled with a lot of stress. This has brought on some less than desirable eating habits on my part. I won’t say that what I’m eating is so terribly unhealthy, but it goes against my eating philosophy.

For starters, I bought lunch at my work cafeteria several times this week. This resulted with a cheeseburger and chips, a turkey sandwich and chips, and a slice of pizza. I’m not terribly concerned with the nutritional aspect of the food, although I’m a bit ashamed about the lack of veggies and the onslaught of chips. However, my eating philosophy revolves around me preparing my own food. This way, I can control the nutrition and quality of my food and also save myself some moolah so my wallet isn’t so sad.

Another aspect of the stress is feeling extremely tired all of the time at work. There were several moments that I really felt like crashing. To keep myself going, I drank a Diet Coke (every single day of the week). Now again, I have nothing against soda, but my food philosophy is that it should be enjoyed on occasion, and not on a regular basis.* I hate the idea of being so caffeine dependent and would prefer to avoid the additional artificial sweetener.

Now that the week is over, I feel like I can go back to my normal eating habits and I plan on making sure that this weekend is crammed with veggies, fruit, and exercise! But I have no reason to think that next week will be any less stressful, so I want to come up with a game plan and some goals for myself for next week so I don’t fall into the same chip and soda eating habits. I plan on sharing my ideas with you Sunday evening and we’ll see how well I do next week!

*Wow, this is such a radical change in thinking from 2-3 months ago! I NEVER thought I could give up my soda!!


What are some of your tactics to making sure that your stress levels don’t dictate your eating habits?

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2 responses to “Stress and Chocolate

  1. Today I had strawberry shortcake for breakfast/lunch.
    I had some fudge brownies.
    Then I had fried dough with powdered sugar.

    I only feel guilty about the fried dough, but it’s really a once a year thing, so I gave myself a pass.

    I have no issue with having as much coffee and chocolate as I desire. I don’t put sugar (or artificial crap that is probably much worse for you than real sugar) in my coffee anymore, and chocolate is good for you.

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