The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Travel

Hello pumpkins! I’m having a blast in NYC and hope to give you a full summary tomorrow hopefully. For today however, I’d like to focus on the travel portion of the trip and share with you a couple of my tips that I’ve used to ease the stress of taking to the skies.

I used to think of myself as somewhat of a jet setter although now that I have a puppy to take care of, my trips seemed to have reduced in frequency. Still, I have enough cross country, red eye flights with numerous lay overs under my belt that I’ve learned a thing or to along the way.

For this particular trip, my flight left Seattle at 11 PM, and landed in New York at 7 AM, which was technically 4 AM Seattle time (aka my body’s time). I had about a solid four hours in the air to get my sleep for the night so I could greet Mister E with bright eyes and glowing skin. Not the easiest task.

1) Pack days in advanceI used to be a last minute packer. We’re talking like me pulling out the suitcase just mere hours before my flight. Packing your suitcase a couple days early not only reduces stress on the day of the flight, but also gives you time to remember that one item that you normally would have forgotten.

2) Clean your abode - No one likes a messy house. But you know who even dislikes it more? A person coming home from a vacation who already has the blues about returning back to reality. Clean your place top to bottom and I promise your future, post-vacation self will love you for it!

3) Dress for comfort - Can you imagine running through the airport to catch your flight in five inch stilettos? Yeah, neither can I. I can personally care less whether the person I’m sitting next to likes my outfit or not. When travelling, it’s all about being comfortable. I usually wear sweats while travelling and will change into my normal day clothes in the bathroom once I’ve reached my final destination.

4) BYOS - Bring your own snacks on trips. Whenever I travel, I I rarely get to set my own agenda. Whether I’m going from workshop to workshop at a conference or tourist hopping around a city with friends or family, I don’t always get to have a say on when or where to eat. Sometimes my stomach is still on a different time zone, other times I just am not digging my options. Bringing your own snacks ensure that you don’t have to starve while you rush to squeeze in one more activity in the day.

5) Carry the essentials - As I just mentioned, I normally duck into the bathroom at my arrival airport to change clothes. At this point, I’ll also do a little bit of fixing myself up. This involves washing my face, touching up makeup, brushing my teeth, and combing through my hair. I always make sure to keep my makeup bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a small brush in my purse for easy access so I don’t have to go digging through my suitcase on the bathroom floor.

6) Wear what you can’t pack - It’s no fun trying to work with limits. You have the size limits of your suitcase, weight limits by the airlines, and carry on item limits. No one ever has tons of extra space in their suitcase, right? We’re always cramming things in there until you have to sit on the suitcase in order to zip it up. To ease up space, wear your biggest, bulkiest pair of sneakers or boots to travel in instead of letting them take up half of your suitcase real estate. Wear your winter coat onto the plane. Whatever you can wear instead of pack, will help you save room.

7) Use sleep aides - Sleeping on a noisy, crowded, clean-oxygen-deprived airplane isn’t the easiest thing to do. After struggling too many times with it, I’ve finally found a couple items that help me out. My iPod, a sleeping mask, and a neck pillow. Yes, I feel like a tool using a neck pillow and a sleeping mask sometimes. But I’m telling you people, these items were created for a reason and they work! With a neck pillow, I don’t have to worry about uncomfortable positions, even if I am in a middle seat. A sleeping mask will block out the sun or my neighbor’s reading light. And the the iPod (with good earphones) block out the noisy engines and the annoying conversation taking place behind me.

Trust me… when you wake up on a plane in a different time zone and the sun is out but it feels like 3 am to your body… things aren’t easy!

Sorry if this scares anyone…

But with a little quick stop in the airport bathroom, that tired and confused face can easily be turned into this bright, fresh, smiling face… even on just three hours of sleep!

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One response to “The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Travel

  1. I’m impressed you are able to get a nights sleep on a plane – something I’ve yet to achieve.
    And you managed to look so fresh and cute without a shower!

    Hope you have a blast in NYC and a great time at the wedding!!

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