Pinterest Party

Ha! You thought that my lack of a Pinterest mention in yesterday’s post meant I was actually over my pinning obsession, huh? Well, I have news for you, buddy. I actually took my love for Pinterest to a whole new level of unhealthy and threw a party for it!


After doing a fair amount of pinning, I realized that I was falling into the Pinterest trap of feeling inspired and creative but not actually doing anything about it. I was starting to accumulate a fair amount of recipes for food that I knew I realistically wouldn’t get around to making for a long time if I waited for the right occasion for it.

Realizing that I had to do something about the situation, I approached my friend Jennifer, a fellow pinning enthusiast, about the idea of hosting a Pinterest Food Party. The concept would basically be a Pinterest potluck – each guest would bring an item or two that they had found off Pinterest. After hitting up a few other Pinterest ladies and getting Jennifer’s friends and coworkers, Caitlin and Lauren, on board – the Pinterest Party was born.


As excited as I was about the Pinterest Party, I was equally excited about hosting my very own party in my new apartment for the first time. Since my sideboard table was covered in decorations, I decided to use my dining room table as the serving area and had everyone sit in the living room to eat for a more casual and relaxed ambiance. I hooked my ipod up to speakers which shuffled through Adele and Maroon 5 songs for most of the evening.

I didn’t get a close up of the dining room table, but I think you get the gist of things from the photo above. I had set out both large and small plates along with a stack of napkins. I didn’t want to just have a pile of utensils on my table for people to grab from, so I instead placed them in short glasses. I normally use the three tiered serving tray for storing my fruit, but it worked perfectly for displaying our dessert items instead. If anyone’s interested, the stand is from Pampered Chef and can be ordered here. Oh, and the flowers on the table were courtesy of Mister E from a few days prior to the party.


Ok, but onto the actual food now. Instead of posting the recipes or links to pins, I’ve included a link to the original site where the recipe was obtained from.

We kicked things off with Caitlin’s artichoke dip served with sea salt pita chips. I’m usually not a fan of artichoke dip since the chunks of artichokes kind of freak me out, but this was so good! Caitlin said she broke the artichokes up into pretty small pieces which I definitely appreciated.



To go along with our appetizer and dinner, we sipped on strawberry champagne made by Lauren. I’ve only had champagne a few times before in my life, and never anything flavored, so this was a fun treat. We all agreed that this tasted like a champagne smoothie which I know sounds kind of gross, but I have a feeling that you champagne lovers out there would love it.



After everyone had gone back for seconds on the artichoke dip, it was time for our main meal which was made by myself and Jennifer. We had decided ahead of time that we wanted all of our food to be small portions so that everyone would be able to taste everything before getting too full. Jennifer’s chicken and cheese lasagna roll-ups and my stuffed zucchini cups fit the bill perfectly! It also worked out nicely that the two dishes complimented each other very well.




Even though it may not seem like a lot of food, at this point we were all feeling pretty full! We gave ourselves a little bit of a break before what we were all considering to be the real main course – dessert.


On the top tier are Jennifer’s lemon bars. Surprisingly, these were made using a cake mix which you would never be able to tell by tasting them. I loved how the bottom layer crisped up so that it tasted almost like a graham cracker crust and I especially liked the crumbly top lemon layer.


In the middle tier are my vanilla bean latte cupcakes. While making these, I told Mister E that I think these were the most difficult thing that I have ever made but were also destined to be the most delicious that I have made. And indeed they were. It’s a vanilla bean cupcake with an espresso filling, topped with a vanilla espresso butter cream frosting. Please don’t let my description of ‘difficult to make’ scare you off. They are completely doable, there are just quite a few involved steps in the process, so have patience!


On the bottom tier are Lauren’s red velvet whoopie pies. These were so amazing that I am already looking forward to making them myself sometime in the future. I’ve always been a fan of pumpkin whoopie pies, but I’m not sure if they hold a candle to red velvet now that I’ve tried both!


The last dessert item on the menu that didn’t make it onto the stand was Caitlin’s chocolate chip cookie and oreo fudge brownie bars. And they were, indeed, every bit sinful as they look.


Without a doubt, dessert was my favorite part of the party. I loved how the flavors were all so different. It actually felt like I was at a wedding cake tasting and getting to try out so many different flavors at once! Everyone was a big fan of the vanilla bean latte cupcakes and said that they were the winner of the night. Now, of course this wasn’t a competition and I don’t have a Monica Geller complex or anything, so the idea of there being a winner is just silly! Besides, I don’t know if I could choose between the cupcake and red velvet whoopie pie if I had to!


But wait – there’s more!

Our party didn’t end with dessert, of course. To bring the party to a close, we sipped on chocolate martinis made by Caitlin. These were so scrumptious! Can you see how she even decorated the glasses with chocolate syrup before pouring the drinks? Fancy!



I would say that our very first Pinterest Party was a huge success and I’m hoping that maybe there will be a second one sometime in the future. I initially was concerned that there were only going to be four of us total at the party, but it worked out perfectly! I had picked up some cardboard to-go boxes from Michael’s for everyone to use to pack up the leftovers which everyone really appreciated. Even more appreciated though was these girls hanging around and helping me do the dishes – so sweet!

Have any of you made any recipes off Pinterest? I’m always looking for good ones if you want to share! Are any of you feeling inspired to host your own Pinterest party now?

6 responses to “Pinterest Party

  1. sounds like fun.
    so glad we finally live in the same state so that you can not invite me to your parties.
    thats okay, my other friends dont invite me to parties either, everyone knows i’d much rather stay at home and watch tv than do things.

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