Monthly Archives: January 2012

Christmas Vacation Part 2

Here’s the second (and last) set of photos from my Christmas vacation in Florida.

  1. A somewhat chilly morning in my parents’ backyard
  2. One of the Old Navy pickup trucks that my dad owns
  3. Homemade potato chips made in the microwave – no oil required
  4. Putting my Christmas present to good use
  5. Festive manicure with my mom in preparation of NYE
  6. Blue skies and palm trees outside Mall at Millenia
  7. Snuggling Prince while watching You’ve Got Mail with my dad
  8. The sunrise I saw after being awake since 1 a.m.
  9. The last sunset I got to see in Florida before leaving
  10. Flame dancer performing on New Year’s Eve
  11. My sequined outfit for New Year’s Eve that was spent in my college town with old friends
  12. Hiking in the Florida wilderness with Mister E
  13. A happy message in the bottom of a lululemon bag which previously contained running gloves for Mister E gifted from my mom
  14. Prince and Mister E getting cozy together
  15. My parents’ dog, Flash, giving a goofy smile after a hike
  16. A smoothie to help lighten up my diet after a week of eating cookies, candies, cake, and too much of my mom’s cooking

I got back to Connecticut at 1 a.m. early Wednesday morning, so I’m still playing catch up on chores, work, and sleep. I promise to post more than just phone pictures soon!