Things To Love Today

Instead of going all sappy, lovey-dovey on you today, I thought a non-romantic, non-gushy, non-sentimental, non-pink post might just be in order for this Valentine’s Day. Whether you have plans for today or not or someone that you’ll be sharing those plans with or not, please accept a few of my latest favorite things to love on instead.

I am so enamored with the new line of TOMS ballet flats, especially this contrasting pair. However, I know that my wallet wouldn’t be loving me very much if I splurged on such a hefty price.

I just saw Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” commercial (which I believe originally aired during the Grammy’s) yesterday. I’ve been a huge fan of Chipotle’s food for a while now and this commercial just solidifies my love for the company. I haven’t seem much mainstream media address the issue of food sourcing with such a clear message/visual, so I say, good for Chipotle’s for putting a commercial like this out there!

For Super Bowl Sunday, I made a batch of Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. There’s only one way to really enjoy the cookies’ full potential. Straight. Out. Of. The. Oven.

I recently discovered Little Friends Photo who has an AMAZING series of dogs underwater (check out the Wall Photos album on their Facebook page). Some are cute. Some are hilarious. And others are just downright scary looking!


For whatever reason, I stopped eating oatmeal last year. Since moving to Connecticut, I hadn’t had a single bowl. No clue why. Well, this year the oatmeal is back and just as comforting as I remember it being. I’m also equal parts in love with my heart bowl from West Elm. I checked their website and the bowl doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but you might get lucky and still find it in store. (Oh, and ok, I lied. Apparently I did sneak in some pink heart stuff into this post.)

I am not a music buff. I actually hate talking about music. I usually just listen to whatever the radio is playing. I dread having people ask me what type of music I like because I don’t have an answer. I like all music as long as it’s good. However, the fact that I have come across an amazing song by an amazing artist that seems to be relatively unknown (or at least hasn’t hit mainstream status) makes me feel incredibly cool. Like maybe I could be a hip, indie, music buff. Wait, who are we kidding here?

This song popped up on Pandora the other week, and no joke, I’ve listened to it probably 50 times already. I’m not sure what it is, but the tune just gets stuck in my head and I find myself singing under my breath while getting ready for work in morning, during my commute, on my lunch break, and while getting ready for bed. Me? Obsessed?

Does anyone have any non-Valentine’s Day themed things that you’ve been loving on?

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